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IONX Colloidal Silver Generator

Colloidal Silver Generator
$99  or   $24.75/mowith Affirm

IONX Colloidal Silver Generator is the first portable machine to use ultrasound in the making of silver nano particles.

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Nano Silver





Nano Silver made with Ultrasound


Easy to Use

Easy to use, cost-efficient and generates a more effective result.

One Half Oz

The recommended service size is just 1/2 oz sublingually.


IONX size is convenient to travel, and makes enough silver to last a week in just 25 min


IONX evolves the tradition of magnetic and bubble stirring with Ultrasound, which accelerates the loss of silver electrons and shapes the nanometer size attributes.

IONX background
IONX Colloidal Silver Generator cap and base

IONX Colloidal Silver Generator is portable
IONX Nanosilver
IONX effects

How it Works


Direct Current, when joined with the ultrasonic element, provides for an increased number of silver ions to separate, while preventing aggregation, and maintaining an even distribution of particles.


The Jar accounts for both volume and shape by incorporating a cylinder, which encourages an even distribution of silver particles, reduces process time, and provides a controlled environment for the production of nano silver.


The 99.99% silver rods reduces the number of impurities, while the length and gauge are properly calibrated. Rods will last many years. Dimensions: 1 x 7 gauge, 1 x 10 gauge, both 3" in length. See FAQ section for details.


The ultrasonic element allows sound waves to pass through the Jar, and agitate the ions as they separate into the silver water. The innovation eliminates contamination, while producing nano size particles which maintain their characteristics over time.


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iPhone & Android timer & instructions app lets you receive IONX progress notifications during operation, from watch or phone.


Timer Instructions Troubleshoot Phone App Watch App

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OEM set of silver rods are a separate purchase & acquired from Golden State Silver. Shipping is Free. The partnership with GSS allows us to pass savings on to customers.

The Mobile App with timer and instructions is downloaded from links below.

We have found the Zero Water Pitcher to be acceptable for making silver, however Distilled water from Walmart is recommended.

Please see links for required international adapters: EU/RU/Asia adapter & AU/NZ adapter. Average cost is $1 USD