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We can now finally afford to have filtered water!

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A New Approach


XFlo represents the first alternative to an expensive convention, in both design and approach, to filtering water through the home. Developed to purify home water at full water pressure by intercepting the water source at point-of-use, and filtering it before the tap. Safely integrates into the home with little to no maintenance, and requires no replacement parts or media for a warranty period of 5 years.


The benefits of filtered water without sacrificing water pressure. The process of ion exchange provides for uninterrupted water flow from any valve you choose - kitchen sinks, bathroom faucets, washing machines and dishwashers - and can be used as a prefilter for existing reverse osmosis systems.


XFlo universal design makes installation safe and easy, while integration into the home remains a seamless process.


Water filter operates for 5 years requiring no replacement media or resins, salts or carbon, and total maintenance has been reduced to backwashing filter once a year.

How it works


XFlo works by oxidation-reduction or REDOX, and converts contaminants to harmless compounds by exchanging electrons. When water flows through the filter, a net voltage is produced as electrons of copper and zinc are transferred between molecules. Harmful compounds are rendered harmless, while others are bound to the media. Filters Iron, Chlorine, Aluminum, Barium, Lead and other heavy metals, Volatile Organic Compounds, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Trihalomethanes - toxic byproducts of standard water treatment - and micro-organisms such as algae and bacteria.

XFlo further benefits from a highly porous material generally used in the adsorption of catalysts from polyethylene production. This layer allows Arsenic, Sulfur and Fluoride to be filtered.


XFlo softens water by keeping Calcium soluble. Technology works with the increase in pH of the water, caused by the production of hydroxyl ions which lower the carbon dioxide content of the water and consequently the solubility of calcium carbonate. Scale will want to form but the zinc ions inhibit its formation as a hard scale. Instead, a "soft scale" aragonite, forms that does not adhere to surfaces and therefore allows water to soften.

Purchase vs. Maintenance Cost

Chart shows Cost of 5 XFlo water filters vs. Whole Home water filer systems.


Feature Comparison

XFlo reduces cost and makes affordable cleaner water at full water pressure.


XFlo uses existing home connections and integrates at Point-Of-Use. (XFlo Installed on Hot & Cold)

REDOX Reaction

*Oxidation / Reduction of Chlorine to harmless Chloride




1. Connect pressure hose at the widest end of XFLO.


*Order Compression Hose.

2. Turn water off at the valve, and play video.

3. *Once install is complete, turn water back on at the valve.

Whats in your water?

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Irot S, USA

"We can now finally afford to have filtered water!"

Terrence D Ashley, USA

"Immediately noticed the smell was gone from water."

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"This Whole Home Water Filter it's Awesome!!"