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The Ultrasonic Advantage

Ultrasonic Nano Silver Generator IONX is the first portable appliance to use ultrasound in the manufacture of silver nanoparticles. Device evolves colloidal silver technology while improving the effectiveness of the silver hydrosol.

Ultrasound influences the silver nanoparticle by bombarding its electromagnetic field with sound waves, accelerating the loss of electrons, while shaping its nano size attributes.

The IONX solves the problem of particle clumping, improves upon magnetic and bubble stirring, and standardizes a recommended 10 nanometer size particles in 20 minutes.

DC Power
Magnetic Lid

Colloidal Silver


An ion is a element which has lost or gained an electron via a change like electrolysis. In chemistry this is referred to as a chemical change; further, there are two types of ions, anions with a negative charge, and cations with a positive charge. When silver has lost an electron during electrolyis, it is left with a net positive charge since it now has 46 electrons (-) from 47, while maintaining its 47 protons (+). Further, silver ions can be large or small with the smallest being of nano size, defined by a diameter of 1-100 nanometers. The nano silver cation is highly valued for its ionic charge and tiny particle size.


Ionic Reaction

2H20 + 2Ag -> H2 + 2Ag(+) + 2OH(-)


Colloids are simply particles suspended in water, meaning they do not dissolve, and silver colloids are the insoluble particles (Ag) and oxides (Ag2O) which make up colloidal silver. Generally these particles range from 1-100 microns in size (1 micron = 1000 nm), with oxides being formed when unreacted colloids bond with hydroxide during electrolysis. Colloids are less desired for their oxides and large particle sizes, which are on average 1000 times larger than nano silver particles.


Molecular Reaction

2AgOH -> Ag2O + H2O

Colloidal Silver Generator

The colloidal silver generator has remained unchanged in its variable elements which include: 1. Power Source, 2. Silver Rods, 3. Hydrosol Jar. 4. Agitator. The idea is to develop a proper relationship with these components and generate smaller more effective particles.

Aspects which limit colloidal silver technology from producing nano silver include a gauge of silver rods which is not calibrated to the voltage applied, larger hydrosol containers with inefficient volumes and shapes, and an extended process time which contributes to the formation of larger colloids.

The most significant challenge however involves the agitator, which is necessary to keep particles separate and prevent larger aggregations from forming. Some colloidal silver generators simply leave this component out since it is cumbersome to implement, and often include aquarium tubes with water pumps or a magnetic stirrer in a pyramid flask. Yet these attempts would neither succeed in making nano silver since the agitator employed does not also affect the conductivity of the hydrosol, therefore reducing agents are offered to temporarily increase the charge of the silver colloids, and reduce even larger oxides which are often the result.

Comparative Chart

Compare AC DC current generate ions

Nano Silver


Power Source

Direct Current, when joined with the ultrasonic element, provides for an increased number of silver ions to separate, while preventing aggregation, and maintaining an even distribution of particles.


Compare AC DC current generate ions

Silver Rods

The 99.99% silver rods reduce the number of impurities, while the length and gauge are properly calibrated. Silver is sold separate. Licensed Set. Ships Fast & FREE.

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Hydrosol Jar

The Jar accounts for both volume and shape by incorporating a cylinder, which encourages an even distribution of silver particles, reduces process time, and provides a controlled environment for the production of nano silver.

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The ultrasonic element allows sound waves to pass through the Jar, and agitate the particles as they separate into the hydrosol. The innovation eliminates contamination, while producing nano size particles which maintain their chracteristics over time.

Compare AC DC current generate ions

Mobile App

Android & iPhone timer is synced with the IONX, and lets you know when the process is complete. In the spirit of sustainability, the application further includes Instructions, Warranty, Troubleshoot, and Warning Label.