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IONX Colloidal Silve Generator


Colloidal Silver Generator



*4 monthly payments

10 PPM
10 NM

Nano Silver made with Ultrasound

IONX Colloidal Silver Generator is the first portable machine to use ultrasound in the making of silver nano particles.

10 PPM


Easy to use and cost-efficient in generating silver ions with a high surface area.

10 NM


Ultrasound accelerates the loss of electrons and shapes the nanometer size attributes.

25 MIN


IONX is convenient to travel, and makes enough silver for a week in just 25 min.

IONX Colloidal Nano Silver Maker


Direct Current, when joined with the ultrasonic element, improves the concentration of silver ions, and results in an even distribution of particles.


IONX Colloidal Nano Silver Machine


Ultrasound passes sound waves through the Jar, and agitates the ions as they separate into the silver water. The innovation reduces process time, and results in nano size silver particles which maintain their charachteristics over time.



134 Reviews

4.8/5 Rating

You have revolutionized how we make silver. The generator is amazing and one of my favorite activities.

Valentina, NM

Jeffrey H, USA
The product is superb. It has already cured several illnesses. The H2N3 flu has been fixed about a half dozen times. One case of recurrent sinusitis cured. My father, who is ninety had a sore, like a huge zit on his back. Doctors were using antibiotics for 6 months, with no result. They have done some UVA treatment called, the "lighthouse" that puts UV rays into the spot for 1 minute, with no results. I used a hypodermic needle and injected the area 3 times about 1/4-1/3 inch deep and it is gone.

Matthew M.
Exactly one year ago I got a mystery infection. Ear, mastoid bone, skin, spine, screaming headaches. My gp was somewhat harmful, the specialist was clueless and rude. I turned to olive leaf extract and colloidal silver, and have recommended your product to others.The best part of my illness last year was when the cysts on my spine went away, and I got to cancel a surgery. I credit your product.

Deborah S.
I had a Silver Lung generator before purchasing the Ionexx 7. The Silver lung is not as good a unit as the Ionexx 7! I am very pleased!

Pamela W.
ION7 - Awesome machine!! This unit is so easy to use. and is very stylish on my kitchen counter.I really like that I can make small batches and do a fresh brew any time I want or need to.Set up is a breeze andwith the timer app, in 30 minutes, I have the perfect ColloidalSilversolution, every time!!. Thank you, Andres, for taking the guess work out of such a scientific process. Brilliant!!

Dr. Ken L.
Up front I love the machine, it is quick and easy to use

Chuck L.
Very nice neat package, no guess work. It is very deliberately designed, and functions the same way

Jon S.
I am exceedingly pleased with my IONX silver generator. It is as advertised and a bargain at this current price. Very, very easy to use and get good results right out of the box. An absolute MUST for all future international travelers, of which I plan to be one. Thank you for being the leading innovator in this field!

Awesome product and excellent customer service
I bought this silver generator directly from the company so that I could make an all natural cleaning solution and to have on hand as a natural antibiotic/antiviral supplement. I am not a very technical person and was somewhat intimidated by other brands and the directions which accompanied them. I chose the UNSG product because it was easy to use and more attractive than other devices that look like science experiments. Since it arrived a week ago, I have made at least ten batches and am very pleased with the generator. It is easy to use and produces what I assume to be a very high quality product since the hydrosol is completely clear unlike the amber colored solutions I have received from other high quality distributors. The only minor difficulty is lifting the glass reservoir from the generator but it is manageable. The customer service is also fantastic. Andres has answered many, many questions for me and is really helpful; his response time has been virtually immediate -- quite refreshing these days.

Anissa W.
This is SO easy to use and only takes a few minutes per ...
This is SO easy to use and only takes a few minutes per batch. Very good quality colloidal silver produced. I highly recommend this silver generator.

Marlene S.
I like the ease of making the colloidal silver without having a science project sitting around .

Maria, Houston TX.
“Fast shipping and my product is ready to fire up. Love the simplicity of this unit.”

Michelle P.
Can’t praise you enough works great to kill viruses and microbes have a great day.

Mary A.
I love my generator. I gave you a five rating on Amazon! I never bother to give ratings. Special!!

John R.
Love my ionx.

Worth Every Cent! :)
Amazing product and Customer Service!! I have MS and this product helps to keep me going, and saves us so much money!!! It's so simple to use. :) Product pays for itself in no time!

Mark J.
Quality item at an incredible price! I've owned these generators, since the first generation! Still exceptional value for the money.

J. Messinger
Happy Healthy Customer
We bought this Silver Generator after my whole family and I had came down with Strep Throat. Since we started using the Silver Water we all have not came down sick once. This product is simple to use and has became a common use in our family. No more antibiotics and killing off all the good enzymes our body needs. Super affordable unit. Spent more on doctor visits and antibiotics in one setting than this unit. Thank you for making this product affordable and available.

K. Lewis
I can’t help but thank you for inventing this product. As a female consumer who is interested in natural health and remedies, I love the beautiful design and the simplicity of this product. I use it everyday for myself and my for kids, I wouldn’t know what to do without it!

Healthy Mama
Definitely recommend buying this machine!
Easy and quick to make a new batch. The company has been beyond my expectations in being helpful to me in answering questions and helping me get the best use from the machine! Definitely recommend!!!

Joshua M.
Your products is one of the greatest and simplest colloidal silver generators I have use so far, thank you for that.

Michelle J.
thanks.... already tried the device works GREAT.

Stacy L.
Well, that was easy. Thanks! Already made my first batch. Did 2 cycles (emptied chamber, put in ice cold water between), and made 20 ppm. Came out great color. Thanx for everything.

Mary Kay
I love my generator. I gave you a five rating on Amazon! I never bother to give ratings. Special!! Great product! Great service! Everything easy to understand and to order. Very pleased!!

Five Stars
This Nano Silver (broad-spectrum) product definitely works - it's amazing! Thank you.

Charles S., CEO
Your device tested better than any similar machine we have seen.

Cleo T.
I wanted to let you know that the current silver generators are working great!
The improvement in the design is really working out good for us.

Cheryl P.
I really love this product! The directions were easy to use and I like the app to set the timer. I feel like the end result is far better than the way I was making it.

libra man
AWESOME silver Generator, good job with it, would recomend to any one

I love the generator!

Paula K.
Ilovethe ION7 I have, it's wonderful, and very useful in this flu season!

Kara R.
I recently bought your generator and I'm loving it!

Hugh S.
Thank you for making the Ionexx so user friendly!

T. Jackson
I love the IONEXX product, it was easy as 123 to set up and get started, perfect for the busy on the go person, which is all of us.

It works!
This is a great product. My family hasn't had a cold in 6 months and my reoccurring health issues have all but disappeared. It's easy to use and doesn't take up much space on the counter top. Customer service has been great also. I had a few questions and was answered almost immediately each time.

Stephanie M.
Absolutely Excellent
Everything about this purchase has been excellent. Yes, I did my research - endless research - before purchasing and this company and product stands up to any rigorous investigating you might want to do. Andres, as another review stated is awesomely helpful without making you feel like an idiot when you have a question. Not that you will have questions because you take this out of the box and go through the directions once and in half an hour you have silver hydrosol ready. If you're vacillating amongst the endless rhetoric about colloid vs. hydrosol vs. God reached down and touched it, and you want to improve your health.....stop wasting time, I've purchased enough expensive silver products to know the desired effect and this is a solid and safe effect. Ionexx is shipping one to my best friend in Austria as we speak. We met in Chicago this past weekend and, knowing she wasn't feeling well, I wanted to bring her some silver, well flying and liquids 'no bueno'. Then I realized I could take the whole unit! In my pocketbook! Try packing up your beaker, hot plate, 17 batteries and what surely looks like a bomb apparatus to go help your best friend. You're about to know TSA really well. I'm so very happy with this purchase, seller and the product.

D. Clifton
I use colloidal silver to soak the pad on a bandaid to treat infections. I also use it internally if think I may have any kind of internal problem.

Stephanie M., Florida, USA
I received the generator yesterday!! It's beautiful and so sleek and solid. I immediately made silver hydrosol which was perfect.

Janai D., Arizona, USA
I just received my machine in the mail! Can't wait to use it and just in time for the holiday!

Maggie C.
Great, Easyto use. Putting it on my scalp to see if it will help hair growth!!

Paul J.
I have purchased 3 IONEXX silver generators and Love them

Dianna, Michigan USA
Versatile Uses - Research and prepare to be impressed
I just wanted to let you know that I received my first unit and have been brewing all weekend. I'm loving it so far and am excited to have it!
I have been working very hard to stop using harsh chemicals for cleaning supplies and body products. Because I had read that the FDA states Colliodal Silver kills over 650 disease causing pathogens or organisms I decided to give it a try. I will also be using it as a hand sanitizer and dietary supplement since it is said to be safe, non-toxic, non-accumulative, bio-available, anti-inflammatory, non-carcinogenic and all natural. It is also said to be non-stinging, non-addicting with no known drug interactions (disclaimer: always check with your doctor just to be safe) It was approved by the FDA in the 1930's as a safe antibiotic. I've really studied up on it with lots of great books available on Amazon and am very excited to discover all the uses! Also interesting... my husband gets what we call 'sneezing frenzies' which he can sneeze like 50 times in a row leaving him exhausted afterward. In the midst of one of these frenzies he used a nasal sprayer filled with this solution and it stopped them immediately! First time in all his years he's ever stopped it!
I think it is very interesting that people use to throw silver dollars in their well for good luck back in the day... and royalty and aristocracy that ate off silver were not plagued with the same illnesses that affected much of the population in history. I hope others will do their homework to see how helpful, versatile and environmentally friendly this product can be. PS. Read the instructions and do not use anything other than 99.999% pure silver and distilled water. Buy a tds meter as well.

Ann, Virginia USA
This gentleman definitely goes the extra mile. So rare. He also has one great idea here. I wish the vessel was a bit larger, something that would hold perhaps 16 ounces of liquid. This is not a complaint. Everything about it thus far is perfect.

Diane S.
I just made my first batch andlovedthe ease of doing so.

Ed H.
We love your machine and recommend to everyone. Thanks!

Andy, Illinois USA
Very advanced device. A MUST HAVE in EVERY HOUSEHOLD!!!

Good item, well packed, fast shipping. Thank you.

Allan J Duncan, Missouri USA
The machine is AMAZING - produces some POTENT nano silver solution, WOW!
I've purchased thousands of items off Amazon and have only given reviews on a few products. This is one of them. For years I've spent so much money buying nano silver and it was worth every penny due to the benefits. Unfortunately due to the cost I've never been able to use nano silver the way I want. I've found myself saving it for rare occasions, like an expensive wine. Well, this device changes everything for not only me, but my friends and family. I made my first batch this evening and it couldn't have been easier. I tested the distilled water with a tds meter and then again after it completed its 30 minute process time. WOW this stuff is POTENT is all I can say! It produced a 23 ppm nano silver hydrosol! That's over twice as potent as what I've been purchasing all this time. The most beautiful thing about the entire process? I can make it over and over again. Wanna know nano silver works? The next time you feel a sore throat coming on - swish an ounce of this around in your mouth for about 4 minutes, then spit it out. The next morning you'll have forgotten you had symptoms of a sore throat. Do your research and understand what nano silver can and will do for you. Most importantly - THANK YOU to the person who invented this Ultrasonic Nano Silver Generator - you could have charged a fortune for this machine but instead you price it so that any and everyone can benefit from it. You are going to change so many lives for the better!

Joe K.
The ionex (ION7) worked impressively and I found myself overly complementing it over and over

Greg M.
Thank you. Super stoked about your product.

K. Lewis
I love this machine!

Derek K.
I bought two of these a while ago and love them.

Allan, Utah USA
It works as promised, simple and easy to use. I am a Chemical Engineer and I applaud the creation of this Ultrasonic Nano Silver Generator. I have the unit and it works perfectly as promised. The instructions on use on the web site are very clear and straight forward. After 30 minutes, you have 6 ounces of solution with approximately 10 ppm. That is fantastic! And, you can do it over and over if you choose. A certified particle size report will soon be available which confirms that round shaped nano size silver particles are generated by this ultrasonic process.

M. Lofstedt, Sweden
My Silver Generator was sent over the pond and has arrived here in Sweden, and I just started the process :DThank you for an excellent product!! :)

Brian E.
I am happy. Easy to use. Makes enough at a time.

J. Hall
awesome I love it works wonderful

Lauren J.
Looks so simple and feels like great quality.

This is my second unit. The first one works very well, great design.

H. Powell
The IONEXX is working in perfect condition.
Thanks again for a fantastic product.

Laura L, USA
Excellent product and very easy to operate.
The owner of the company Andres is fantastic and got back to me within an hour when I had an issue with the top. He promptly sent me out another top and I received it in 2 days via priority mail. If only more companies had such great customer service! Now my mother will have silver all the time for her health issues.

Sean M, Texas USA
The seller is also amazing with answering any question you may have
Very impressed with this product. I can now brew nanoparticle silver in the comfort of my own home. Unit is sleek and professional looking. Website is very clear with instructions. The seller is also amazing with answering any question you may have. All of this for an amazing price. Can't beat it. Very happy.

Five Stars
Product was exactly as descibed.

Jd Seppala
The IONEXx unit works like it is supposed to. I like it's ease of use however the timer app for the I-phone does not work. No one leaves their phone on for 35 minutes straight. The App does not work in the back ground like the I-phone timer app does. I haven't been able to use the App, please fix it to work in the back ground. *Issue has been corrected.

David, Illinois USA
Product is awesome! It took a little longer to get than I thought it would, but it was worth the wait!

J. Ortiz
I bought the Ionxx about a year or 2 ago. It works great.

P. Fields
Five Stars
Great use it all the time and it's so easy

great product state of the Art and health research was done
this is state of the art, well worth the purchase. hope they add a timer in the future!

Sim006ca, USA
Congrats to you and your team Andres,
The silver hydrosol I brew with this unit is excellent. I must say that knowing it is shipped with .9999 silver wires helps too. Not like the other unit I bought elsewhere lately that was shipped with only .999 silver wires. The ultrasonic feature is a big plus too according to various research. Perfectly round silver nanoparticles tend to bond more easily to pathogens, giving you more kills per PPMs. The only downside for me at first was the size of the jar (118 ml), but considering the initial vision of the inventor, you simply make small, fresh & potent hydrosol whenever you need it. Makes perfect sense to me. Customer service is second to none! I had my reservoir replaced in no time with absolutely no need to fight with the seller. Even if you just have a question in mind, just ask them and you'll receive an answer in the next couple of hours from my experience. One last word, please keep upgrading your store's website. I'm always coming back for more infos & I'm delighted to see it alive with various updates and new health topics. Well done!

Trish, New Mexico USA
their site has great instructions and I found that I really did have ...
their site has great instructions and I found that I really did have to use distilled water as i got interesting color of liquid when I tried with filtered water, but with distilled, it comes out great and I have been back to taking silver.

Easy Easy Easy
Great product and fantastic customer service by the owner. I wanted a nice and easy silver generator to use and this one is it. I had a small issue with it when I got it but the owner got back to me within an hour and sent me out a new top and I received it in 2 days. Works great and I was able to get 14 ppm silver in 40 min. I have been making it for my mother who has struggled with UTI infections for quite some time and antibiotic were making her worse so I am so happy to be able to make my own for her now.

RP Caywood
Yes satisfied! So far so good!

I recently bought a silver generator (love it)

Doug A, Iowa USA
Five Stars
I applaud your efforts and orientation and hope you sell a ton!

Michael D, California USA
Clever invention!

A. Duncan
With this machine I'm able to make as much as I want and once and for all use it for all its wonderful benefits. Within 30 minut Never again will I have to use my nano silver sparingly! With this machine I'm able to make as much as I want and once and for all use it for all its wonderful benefits. Within 30 minutes you can have $30 dollars worth of nano silver! Make only a few batches and it will have paid for itself! Thank you Ultrasonic Nano Silver for not gouging people and allowing everyone to benefit from the miracle of Nano Silver!

K. Christiansen
thankyou works good

Great idea
Works well, but a little overpriced for the materials used.

Christopher, California USA
This may be a new era in my life .. and others .. I am very positive and excited.

Clark A, New Jersey USA
I love this generator... and a must have for optimal health in this day and age.

Marianne B, New Zealand
I'm really happy that I have the thing now. Thanks for taking all that time for me.

Anthony A, Canada

That that would be cool, great job I plan to buy one next
Thank you for making this, only wish you would have made it with a ppm tester built in. That that would be cool, great job I plan to buy one next week. Great Procduct idea.

Patricia A, New Mexico USA
it took a long time to get here, but I did get notices of changing delivery date. It arrived a couple of days late but It was packaged well.

Mark, London UK
This has to be the one of the most important changes to my lifestyle so far.
The generator works as described and is ridiculously simple to use. The design is not offensive to look at like most of the primitive versions available elsewhere. You get consistent results every time!
Im still experimenting and by no means a professional so my results are not concrete evidence!
To date I can clarify it has worked remarkably well on my house plants and cut flowers (2tbs twice a week), works extremely well in our muji diffuser getting rid of cooking and house smells (probably good for my health too!). Most surprisingly I had a sore throat for a couple of days and nothing was working so I gargled a mouthful and the irritation was instantly reduced. After doing this 3 times in one day it was gone!
This brings me to the next point, you are buying more than the device itself. The creator is extremely knowledgeable and can and will help in any area relevant. Like the page on facebook and there is all the information you need to get the full benefits available.(There is too many to list!)
Customer service is some of the best I have experienced. I had a unit damaged in transit and another was sent out without any issues. I have asked many questions and never had to wait too long for an answer.
Do some research then buy this

Paul B, Texas USA
Fast reply to email, most companies take a day or a week to respond. Hope the public learns more about nano silver and its benefits suppressed by pharmaceutical companies.

Arthur V.
I just recently purchased your Ion8 and am quite pleased with my purchase.

Ricky L.
This is the second upgraded Ultrasonic Generator I have bought from this company. It just keeps getting better! I have been a Master Herbalist for over 20 years, this product is and does exactly what it says it will do.

Rachel Easterly
I loved it! The rods hardly got dirty and the water was always clean and clear!

Highly recommended. Great communication!

Michael P.
Works as advertised.

Andy C., UK
used your products, over many years

I just bought the ION6 which works perfectly.

John K.
We love your machine and recommend to everyone. Thanks!

Heather L.
We've trie tons of silver and had our own generator, but nothing is even close to what you've created!!

Chris S.
Exceptional Products ION5 and ION6
We own both the ION5 and ION6 and have found them to be exceptional products.

Edward L. NM, USA
Great Product

Irot S, USA
Machine cures the Flu!
Thank you to the person who invented this! It works as described. It has already cured our familys strep throat and the Flu!

Excellent Product and Customer Service
I LOVE my generator. It's so quick & easy to use. Andres is amazing. I emailed him with questions in the beginning and he was very responsive. Tonight I found there was an issue with my unit. I downloaded the app, sent in a warranty request ticket and Andres responded in less than a half hour! We resolved the situation in minutes. Thank you Andres.

D. Shields, USA
I recently purchased the silver generator and have used it with great results.
L. Hood, Texas USA
The Best!! ;-)

It is working well for my dog's wound
I purchased this unit in 2015 and put it aside until 3 days ago (now May 2017).

The first day after we arrived Hong Kong last year, my 2 dogs started suffering from skin allergy, very itchy. They have to wear the protective collars 24/7.

Three days ago, after feeding my dogs with drinking water, I went to the kitchen and forgot to put the collar back on to my 4 year old 7 pound Maltese. When I came back to my bedroom after 30 minutes, I found the chin and neck of my dog were bleeding with blood here and there on her pillow. When I was cleaning her wound, which was pretty massive, I saw her wound no longer had any hair left, and the kind of dark red flesh was exposed, very horrible. On the right side of her hairless bleeding neck, a lump in the size of a cherry was still swelling. I think my dog must have scratched through her skin and damaged the lymph around her neck.

At that moment, I suddenly remembered the silver water generator that I had taken with me when I came to Hong Kong.

I took the generator out, cleaned it, set it up and finished making the silver water all in a total of 30 minutes. Immediately, I sprayed my dog's wound with the silver water, and pumped 0.8 ml silver water into her mouth the first time, and 0.5 ml after 2 hours. That night, I sprayed her wound with the silver water 3 times.

The following morning, my dog's wound had shown significant recovery, no longer in dark red color, the swollen cherry sized lump disappeared, and no more swelling neck. I pumped 0.5 ml silver water to her mouth two times, and sprayed her wound 3 times the 2nd day.

Today, her wound is in light color, and recovering well, no trace of inflammation at all. I sprayed her wound 3 times and gave her 0.5 ml, 1 time only.

Instead of using the silver wires that came with the device, I used 10mm silver wires to shorten the processing time. I used 17 minutes to process the silver water for my dog's wound without doing the ppm reading, so I still don't know what ppm the silver water got in 17 minutes with the 10mm silver wires, but the result is amazing.

Seeing my dog's quick improvement, my sisters were amazed by the silver water and asked me to make each of them a glass of silver water.

Warren R.
I Have been using my ION7 and it is great

Frank P, United Kingdom
Just as Described, Fast Shipping Thanks

*Uninformed Customer
This product is a scam. It's the two 9v batteries in the lid making the colloidal silver not ultrasonic. If you remove the jar from the unit and use only the lid you will get the same ppm as you do when the jar is in the unit. You can make cs with 9v batteries without paying $140.00.

Robert D.
Thank you and your technical engineering of this product.

A. Jones
I purchased your silver generator about 5 years ago and it worked great.

I’m glad you stand behind your product, and I appreciate you sending out the new plug... Thank you very much.

Carl F.
I really like the Ionexx generator, thank you

Mark, United Kingdom
Go for it! Great device and customer service is second to none! This has to be the one of the most important changes to my lifestyle so far.
The generator works as described and is ridiculously simple to use. The design is not offensive to look at like most of the primitive versions available elsewhere. You get consistent results every time! This brings me to the next point, you are buying more than the device itself. The creator is extremely knowledgeable and can and will help in any area relevant. Like the page on facebook and there is all the information you need to get the full benefits available.(There is too many to list!) Customer service is some of the best I have experienced. I had a unit damaged in transit and another was sent out without any issues. I have asked many questions and never had to wait too long for an answer.
Do some research then buy this! Ps. I have just taken advantage of the upgrade program and waiting for the latest model which will be even more awesome than the original I have :-) The customer service is second to none, had a couple of issues but they were sorted quickly without any problems.

he has a great understanding in this area. A very affordable, uniquely engineered silver generator...two qualities that rarely go together. Andres was very responsive, answered all my many questions; he has a great understanding in this area. Simple to operate, easy to maintain, store and clean. 2 thumbs up!

Graeme, New Zealand
I have found the unit great and both myself and my partner use it each day for health.

Mark M.
I like the concept of fresh colloidal silver on short demand and the unit performs very well.

M. Christensen
Nice easy to use

Jennifer R.
It works perfectly

David V.
I received the silver generator last Friday, tried it and it works great, thank you.

Luke, Utah
I'm super greatful for your ionexx invention

Jane B.
I am happy with my IONX. It’s easy to use and seems to work great!

Edward Doc, Arizona USA
Great product, easy to use, easy to clean and it looks cool!

Wow, thank you so very much for honoring your product for me. I will definitely share and tell others about your cool products.

Jessie C.
Very impressed with your products!

Thank you for a great product.

Sheryl S.
You have a great product which will help me immensely since I won’t have to purchase silver on the market but can now make my own. I and my children and grandchildren thank you!!

IONX Colloidal Nano Silver Generator at scale
IONX Colloidal Nano Silver scale by bag


Problems Solved

The colloidal silver generator had remained unchanged in its variable elements which often included: 1. Power Source, 2. Silver Rods, 3. Hydrosol Jar. 4. Agitator. The attempt is to develop a proper relationship with these components and generate smaller more effective particles, however limitations in previous technology would remain.

The applied and technical limitations included a gauge of silver rods which was not calibrated to the voltage applied, larger hydrosol containers with inefficient volumes and shapes, and an extended process time which contributed to the formation of larger colloids. The most significant challenge however involved the agitator, which is necessary to keep particles separate and prevent larger aggregates from forming.

Some colloidal silver generators simply leave this component out since it is cumbersome to implement, and often include aquarium tubes with water pumps or a magnetic stirrer in a pyramid flask. Yet these attempts would neither succeed in making nano silver since the agitator employed does not also affect the conductivity of the hydrosol, therefore reducing agents were offered to temporarily increase the ionic charge, and reduce even larger oxides which were often the result.

The Zero Water Pitcher is acceptable for making silver, however Distilled water from Walmart is recommended.

Zero Water Pitcher

See links for referenced international adapters. *Adapter is now included.


EU, RU, Asia, Israel

Silver Rods


  • 99.99% Silver
  • 1 x 10 Gauge Rod
  • 1 x 7 Gauge Rod
  • 4N+ Guarantee
  • Free Delivery, 3-5 Days




  • IONX CS Generator
  • USA: 2-3 Day Delivery
  • CAN, MEX: 2-5 Day Delivery
  • INT'L: 3-5 Day Delivery
  • Does not include Rods

$99or $24/mo

IONX + Silver Rods

Add to Cart

  • IONX CS Generator
  • USA: 2-3 Day Delivery
  • CAN, MEX: 2-5 Day Delivery
  • INT'L: 3-5 Day Delivery
  • Silver Rods included

$136or $34/mo


Timer & Instructions


IONX Colloidal Silver Generator App

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IONX Colloidal Silver Generator App