Mesh Extenders and connected Hubs can cause issues during setup, such as cannot connect to XOME or XOME to home network, Homebridge interface inaccessible, or Plugins not searchable. If any similiar issues present:

1. Disconnect hubs, Mesh Extenders, 2. reboot Router and Xome, 3. verify Xome connected to home network. Once homebridge accessible and plugins searchable, 4. reconnect hubs / Mesh Extenders.

Xome Homebridge Setup Instructions
1. Antennae

Slide antennae out and secure upward at 90 degree angle. If unit has black power cable, press the button to turn on.

2. XOME Access Point 

Plug-in Xome within 15 ft of router and 5 ft of setup computer. Connect to XOME wireless network. When connected will show "Connected: No Internet".*iPhone wont work for this part of setup.

3. Homebridge 

Open Safari or Chrome browser, type into URL xome.local:8581. Note Homebridge account credentials: username admin, password admin. *Other browsers may not work for setup.

4. Place XOME on WiFi 

In Homebridge interface, from Menu (upper right), choose Terminal.

Xome Homebridge Terminal from Menu

5. In Terminal, type su (ENTER), pw ionexx(ENTER). Type nmtui (ENTER). *The pw will not show as you are typing.  

6. Choose Edit a Connection -> Add -> Wifi. Enter fields SSID (your home network name), Security (encryption), Password (your home network password), then select OK.

XOME Homebridge setup on home network

Video Reference

7. Plugins 

From Homebridge navigation bar, choose Plugins, search for your devices. *If pugins not searchable, see section Mesh Network, Extenders, Hubs.

8. HomeKit 

Open Apple Home app, Add Accessory, Scan QR code found in Homebridge and add to HomeKit.

I. SSH into XOME

Verify connected to XOME wireless network, or XOME connected to Home Network:

1. open Shell: Terminal app in Mac, or Command CMD in Windows

2. type, ssh root@xome.local (ENTER on keyboard), type yes(ENTER) when asked to connect. For password, type ionexx(ENTER). *Will not show password as you are typing.

3. Once inside XOME, will show BPI in colors, then type su (ENTER), pw ionexx (ENTER). Now we can do the following a, b, c below.

a. Add XOME to Home Network - type nmtui (ENTER). Then Choose Edit a Connection -> Add -> Wifi. Enter fields SSID (your home network name), Security (encryption), Password (your home network password), then select OK.

b. Reset/Change Password - If you cannot access Homebridge interface, User Accounts, Edit password: 1. type hb-service stop 2. cd /var/lib/homebridge, 3. mv auth.json auth_old.json 4. hb-service start . If HB auto log-in, then logout.

c. Reinstall Homebridge - 1. type cd /root (ENTER), then apt remove homebridge (ENTER). Once complete, type dpkg -i yfs5h4jd(ENTER) *You must be in cd /root for reinstall.

Video Reference: SSH

II. Homebridge drops connection.

Open Homebridge menu, choose Homebridge Settings, mDNS Advertiser, change to Ciao or Bonjour. Also verify no other wireless hub or device is situated between Xome and router.

III. XOME Homebridge Recovery Files

Homebridge Restore File. Navigate to Homebridge, Backup and Restore, and restore Config file. Download

XOME Restore Image. Download and flash to SD Card with Balena Etcher.
Download Image.




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